Bubble Bath & Mani/Pedi

Come in to get freshened up with the adult or puppy bath today. Service includes a good scrub in all natural shampoo, blow out, brush out, nail clipping, ear cleaning, ear plucking if needed, a mist of perfume/cologne, and a bandana or bows.

Haircut & Bubble Bath

Looking for more than just a bubble bath? Get your dog spruced up with a new 'do from our haircut options. Choose anything from a light trim to a summer shave down. Receive everything the bath service offers and more. 

Add- Ons

Wanting a little something extra special? Choose from a list of special services designed to exceed expectations, including: 

Nail grinding to smooth & round     nails.
•Teethbrushing to whiten &                   freshen breath.
•Conditioner will soothe skin and    soften the coat. 


Whether your puppy has become friends with a skunk or your dog is shedding tumble weeds of hair, we have the fix for you. From odor control, de-shedding, nourishing, or rejuvinating dry skin our packages are solutions to your pets' needs.

*All baths & haircuts are by appointment only.*